How we spend 2 hours

Our language exchanging events last for 2 hours, starting at 10AM every Friday Morning in Karuizawa, Nagano.

In these two hours, we simply gather and talk with some guidance.

  • Every 15 minutes, we change the ‘Official Languages’.
  • When the official language is English, you are encouraged to speak in English even if the other people struggle a lot to speak in English.
  • When the official language is Japanese, you are encouraged to speak in Japanese – but if you are more for making relationships and sharing your knowledge, you are not discouraged to speak in English either.

  • At the end of the session of 2 hours, you will be encouraged to propose “topic of the next week”. It can be anything such as “What did you try to make yourself happier this week?” or “What do you think is the best way to die?”.



Joining Fee

Joining fee is free, however we kindly ask for your donation of 200 Yen for under 30 years old, and 500 Yen for over 30 years old.


*Please keep in your mind that this is optional. (If you feel 500 Yen is the value of this gathering, feel free to put that amount!) The reason is because our intention is not to make money, but it is also our reality that we need some funds to keep this running.

Also – since we are sitting in a restaurant, you have to order something. (Expect to spend 500 – 1,300 Yen)



We try our best to fix the location, but now we are at the stage of transferring.

Currently we are doing this in this restaurant:


Stove Cafe Okizaris